Children pose next to their garden patches at the Convalescent Home for Crippled Children

Bucks Program

In 2014 the Washington State Elks Association celebrated its 90th anniversary of the Birthday Utopian Crippled Kiddies Service (BUCKS) program, supporting the Children's Hospital and Medical Centers Uncompensated Care Program.

In the fall of 1924, Seattle experienced a critical poliomyelitis epidemic, and by November, two thousand cases were reported statewide. Children's Orthopedic Hospital (as was the original name) offered care to all children who required long-term hospitalization. To achieve this goal $50,000 was needed to expand. To secure funds quickly, the trustees appealed to service clubs and fraternal organizations. This was the started a long standing partnership between service clubs including The Elks, Shriners and Rotary to see that children get the care they need, reguardless of their ability to pay.

Children suffering from polio didn't need the care of a typical hospital, but needed of extensive physical therapy and other care that wasn't possible at home. While at the Convalescent Home they could attend school, do gardening and care for domestic animals in a more natural setting.

Design by William J. Bain Sr. and Lionel Pries for the Convalescent Home for Crippled Children