The Elks Drug Awareness Program has once again teamed with Marvel Entertainment to bring you the Hard Choices comic book, featuring Marvel Super Heroes and Elroy the Elk in a battle against underage drinking!

Hard Choices is designed to educate fourth- through eighth-graders about the perils of underage drinking. In March 2013, more than 600,000 comic books were sent to select elementary and middle schools in Elks communities across the nation.

Want see Elroy the Elk and his Superhero friends in Hard Choices? Look no further. The comic is available right here in digital format!

Drug Awareness

The Elks Drug Awareness Program prints and distributes, free of charge, up-to-date information about drugs to school-children, their teachers, and their parents. Since the program's inception in 1983, the Elks have distributed more than 200 million pieces of literature.In addition to information about drugs, the Elks provide alternatives to drug use by sponsoring activities ranging from Little League to Scouting. More than 6 million kids participated in these Elks-sponsored activities last year.

The most insidious and devastating enemy this nation has ever faced is drug and alcohol abuse. The scourge of drug abuse destroys the potential of youth before that potential can be developed.Elks are family oriented and are deeply rooted in our communities and their surrounding environs. A significant percentage of our efforts are dedicated to our young citizens. Today's youth will form the foundation of tomorrow's society. It is imperative that we insure that they have the opportunity, the sense of self-worth and the skills needed to make good choices.the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse is one component of an overall community involvement that will directly contribute to the well-being of America. Prevention begins with education.

The Grand Lodge Drug Awareness Programs develop awareness, alerting parents, educators and community leaders to the danger of "gateway" drug abuse among our school children. The program supports any existing community program through the distribution of printed material, volunteers and finances, or establishes a program in communities where none exists. 

Our work in this field has gained us outstanding national recognition.