Move the box where you want it backspace over the Title Subtitle and Type your paragraph here.

You can paste your text  with ctrl C to copy and ctrl V to paste... your mouse clicks don't work here because they open other options.


Heading 4, font face = Veranda, Size = 16, Color is Black, Bold

Heading 4, font face = Veranda, Size = 28, Color is Maroon, Bold

I have chosen that font face because it seemed easy to read

Other color choices could be Dark Green, Purple, Saddle Brown, Indigo, Navy, Teal

click on your picture, then settings then image editor.  click on reset to 100 percent (hover to get that title ... icon is a square.) then drag the corners to the corner of your picture, you may need to resize with the percent bar.

Working with Photos

Officers photographs, resize to 250 x 300 plx at 200 resolution.  Then add Frame, I use Corel Paintshop pro  x5, the frame is pretty standard.  then the size is 375 x 416

Click on the image button.  click on the ocean and pick swap photo, upload you picture by dragging it to the gray bar at the top of the page... then Insert (at the bottom)


Enter Text and Destination

Background color #1A1641

or Maroon

No Gradient 


The 4th Shadow example

Round = 10


Text Box    T  Text



Type your paragraph here.

Adding pages.

 in  "Page:"  on the top bar pick the page named "Copy"  and choose the copy Icon.  In the name bar that comes up give your page its new name.  This will give you the template.  Make changes you need.  

Typically you will need to add a "Button" from some other page (ie the photo album page.)

clicking on an existing button and copying it will give you the same size, shape, color and text.  Then update the "settings" for the "label" and "link"  

When you are finished with your new page and have the links on the right pages and everything, you will notice that the red menu bar now has your new page on it.  click on the menu bar, then click "menu"  your new page will be at the bottom, got down and click the eye icon to gray our your new page so it won't be included in the menu anymore.

Before you publish

Check your page in the "Preview" (bar at the top)  

The desk top view should be the same (if you are working on as desktop) but check the "Preview Mobil" button to see what it will look like on a phone.  This view can get very wonky, so you may need to move things around to get all of the content where you want.

The page is read from to to bottom, from left to right. 

Notice on the home page there are 3 very light rectangles under the columns.  These are so it will read correctly on a phone.

When it reads the first rectangle, it will continue to read whatever is on top of that rectangle before going to the next.  While this is pretty straight forward, its not always simple.  

 The Green "Publish" button will update the webpage.  After it is finished check the page.  I like to check it from my browser to make sure it is up, and take another look.  Use the LEFT click and pick RELOAD in your browser.  

Adding the Elksnooze

Make it into a .pdf file.  this can be done by going to the print set-up menu in whatever program you use and choosing "print as .pdf" rather than your printer.  Save the file where you can find it.

In GoDaddy click on the Elksnooze button on the home page and pick "Settings"  in  "Link:" click on the red down arrow.  Choose Upload, (in blue at the top) which will open the file manager screen, click browse, and find the file on your computer.

For the calendar you will need to use the "print current page" or choose the page number rather than "print all" when you make the .pdf file.

For the Lunch Menu, since I don't have the Publisher Program, I save the lunch page to as a .txt file. open that in notepad (or whatever) and copy and paste that into the lunch page.

Don't forget to go to the Archive page and add last month's Elksnooze and Calendar.  (Copy Button, change label and  destination to the right file.